Ep. 45 – Bloomsday 2020

Happy Bloomsday, one and all!

Blooms & Barnacles presents our Bloomsday 2020 episode, a little Bloomsday party you can take anywhere you go.

Many friends and listeners came together to record their favorite passages from Ulysses, and we’ve compiled them into one, gargantuan Blooms & Barnacles episode.


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Many thanks to our readers:

Richard Feeney, “Telemachus,” 7:10

Jane Davis, “Telemachus,” 12:50

Andrew Basquille, “Nestor,” 17:47

Steve Carey, “Calypso,” 25:42

Bill Kennedy, “Calypso,” 31:48

PJ Murphy, “The Lotus Eaters,” 39:47

Shelby Haber, Krystal Bressmer Cam Edwards, and Vidu Morugama, “Hades,” 44:39

Will Humphries, “Hades,” 50:08

Swati Joshi, “Aeolus,” 55:34

Russell Raphael, “Aeolus,” 01:01:15

Conor Farnan, “Lestrygonians,” 01:08:53

Tom O’Leary, “Lestrygonians,” 01:16:00

Phil Holden, “Lestrygonians,” 01:21:15

Stephen, “Sirens,” 01:27:27

Sela Ellan Underwood, “Sirens,” 01:31:53

Michael O’Shea, “Cyclops,” 01:40:13

Jinan Ashraf, “Cyclops,” 01:47:42

Jack Walsh, “Cyclops,” 01:54:24

Chris Lewis, The King of Ithaca, 02:00:29

Joe Gallagher, “Nausicaa,” 02:05:24

Paul Ringo, “Nausicaa,” 02:11:41

Talia Abu, “Oxen of the Sun,” 02:19:06

David Monelly, “Oxen of the Sun,” 02:23:37

Mark Segall, “Circe,” 02:27:49

Colm Faulkner, “Circe,” 02:35:19

Brendan Riley, “Eumaeus,” 02:40:29

Kevin O’Doherty, “Ithaca,” 02:46:28

Kenji Hayakawa, “Ithaca,” 02:49:51

Ellen Murphy, “Ithaca,” 02:57:00

Janet Lynch, “Penelope,” 02:59:40

Siobhán McCann, “Penelope,” 03:07:03




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