Ep. 5 – Sweny’s Pharmacy

P.J., Kelly & Jack

Kelly and Dermot sit down with P.J. Murphy and Jack Walsh, two volunteers who are keeping the legacy of Sweny’s Pharmacy alive.  Sweny’s, of course, is the location where Leopold Bloom bought his lemon soap. We talk the history of Sweny’s, their Joyce connection and the challenges of preserving Joycean landmarks in 21st century Dublin. P.J. even shares a song at the end. Donate to Sweny’s here.

If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to check out our 2019 follow-up episode.

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Donate to Sweny’s here.

Volunteer Brigid Conroy and Senator David Norris at Sweny’s on Bloomsday 2017. (from Sweny’s Facebook page)

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A photo of the former Turkish baths in Lincoln Place, Dublin hangs in Sweny’s.


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