James Joyce, Stephen Dedalus, Ulysses

Ep. 40 – Boul’ Mich’

CulotteRougeBon soir, mes amis, et bienvenue a Blooms et Barnacles! Kelly and Dermot discuss Joyce’s disastrous sojourn to Paris as a youth and its parallels to Stephen Dedalus’ recollections of his time in Paris. Discussion topics include the fin de siècle fashion of French symbolist poets, what exactly mou en civet is, Stephen feeling down and out in a French post office, the mockery of saints in Heaven, Stephen’s collection of French pornography, and whether it was Stephen’s mother or his nother mentioned in that fateful telegram.


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latinquarterhat1Rimbaud_par_Verlaine1Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 4.25.43 PM

Images, left to right: James Joyce, 1902; Arthur Rimbaud as sketched by Paul Verlaine; a cartoon of a French symbolist poet, 1901

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