Bloomsday 2020

*Now accepting submissions for our Bloomsday 2020 Podcast*

Like Joyceans everywhere, we were looking forward to celebrating Bloomsday with our friends, but it looks like we’ll have to stay home this year because of Covid-19.

Instead, we want to create a Bloomsday celebration that you can take anywhere in your pocket, but we need your help!

We are gathering recordings from our friends around the world – and that includes you!

Our idea is to get short recordings of Joyce-lovers reading their favorite passage from Ulysses and compile them into a Bloomsday celebration podcast, so you can listen to Ulysses readings and feel a part of the Joycean community no matter where you are this Bloomsday.

If you’d like to contribute a recording, here’s what you do: 

  • Once you’ve confirmed it with us, make your recording. Your recording must include:
  • Who you are (name, any pertinent info about yourself)
  • Where you’re reading from
  • A brief introduction to your passage (which episode, set the scene, etc.)
  • Your reading of the passage
  • Please use an external mic is possible (a headset mic used for Zoom or Skype, for example). The sound quality will be better than the internal mic on your phone or computer. If you don’t have an external mic, no worries! Just use what you have.
  • We’d like to keep entries in the 5-7 minutes range. If it goes longer, no worries, but we may edit it down.