Ulysses, Proteus, Leopold Bloom, James Joyce

Ep. 48 – Haroun al-Raschid’s Melons


Kelly and Dermot take a look at Stephen Dedalus’ prophetic dream in “Proteus.” Topics discussed include James Joyce’s fascination with dream analysis, Stephen’s connection to the mysterious Akasic record, Dermot’s own experience with slippery time, the location of the “street of harlots” in Dublin, how Leopold Bloom and Haroun al-Raschid are connected, Orientalism, almosting, and prolonged provocative melonsmellonous osculation.

You can hear our episode about translating Finnegans Wake into Japanese here.

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Decoding Dedalus: Haroun al-Raschid

In the Jakes with Mr. Bloom

Harun al-Rashid receiving a delegation of Charlemagne in Baghdad, Julius Köckert, 1864

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Media Mentioned in this Episode:

Orientalism, Edward Said

Further Reading:

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