James Joyce, Ulysses, Proteus

Ep. 46 – Paradise of Pretenders

Lambert Simnel carried on the shoulders of his (barefoot) Irish supporters.

Kelly and Dermot explore Ireland’s historic connections to various pretenders to the English throne, how this connects to Stephen’s unsquashable beef against Buck Mulligan,  Solange Knowles, medieval abstrusiosities of all sorts, the mystery of the princes in the Tower, Dermot’s disdain for the Tudors, whether or not Ireland is still a “paradise of pretenders,” Stephen’s sadness and guilt, his shadow projection, his hydrophobia, his relationship to his sister Dilly, and the drowning motif of Ulysses.

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Decoding Dedalus: Pretenders


The Tailor, Giovanni Battista Moroni, c. 1565-1570; depicts a man in a doublet

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Thomas Fitzgerald, 10th Earl of Kildare, c. 1530

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