James Joyce, Leo Taxil, blasphemy, Baphomet, Ulysses, Paris

Ep. 39 – C’est le pigeon, Joseph.

lavi 2
La Vie de Jésus, by Léo Taxil

Stephen Dedalus learns the value of gentlemanly blasphemy in this episode of Blooms & Barnacles. Our hero evades the nets of his oppressors while recalling a conversation with a friend in Paris. Topics include the changing face of Ringsend, the Pigeonhouse, Stephen’s epiphanies and the Epiphany, Dermot speaking French, what Jules Michelet doesn’t know about women, absinthe, the elaborate blasphemies of Leo Taxil’s pornographic pope period, Baphomet, the freemasons, and the greatest trick ever played on the Catholic Church (that might be overstating it, but it’s a fun story).


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Chalked door on the Epiphany

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La Vie de Léo Taxil

Poetry in Ulysses: The Ballad of Joking Jesus

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Léo Taxil


The Pope’s Mistresses, by Leo Taxil

Media discussed in this episode:

Leo Taxil’s Confession

La Vie de Jésus (complete text)

Jack Chick tract on freemasonry

Catholic Encyclopedia “Imposters”

Transcendental Magic Its Doctrine and Ritual by Eliphas Levi

“The Sabbatic Goat” from Eliphas Levi’s book (linked above)
The Mysteries of Freemasonery, by Léo Taxil


An illustration from one of Taxil’s books depicting a freemason “ritual” involving the deity Baphomet.

Further Reading:

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Image source for chalked door

The Annunciation, Girolamo da Santacroce, c. 1540



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