Stephen Dedalus, W.B. Yeats, The Tables of the Law, James Joyce, Ulysses

Ep. 35 – The Hundredheaded Rabble

Joachim of Fiore

Join Kelly and Dermot for a story about James Joyce’s youthful rebellion against the literary establishment of Dublin, his obsession with the apocalyptic predictions of a 12th century monk, a tale of psychic horror by W.B. Yeats, Jonathan Swift and Dublin’s oldest public library. It’s a jam-packed episode! The paragraph discussed in this episode can be found on p. 39-40 of the 1990 Vintage International edition of Ulysses.

Bonus: Dermot interviews Kelly about completing her blog series about “Proteus.” Check out those blog posts here.

Double Bonus: The difference between Elisha and Elijah from Chuck Knows Church.

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Marsh’s Library
James Joyce, Dublin, Ulysses, Marsh's Library
One of Marsh’s Library’s stagnant bays

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James Joyce, Jonathan Swift, Ulysses, Dublin
A bust of Jonathon Swift in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin
James Joyce, Ulysses, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin
The interior of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin

Texts Mentioned in this Episode:

The Tables of the Law by W.B. Yeats

The Day of the Rabblement by James Joyce

A monstrance

Further Reading:

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