Ep. 32 – James Joyce Tower & Museum

Sandycove tower
A press photo of the Sandycove tower in the 60’s or 70’s. You can see a staircase on the right side.

Dermot and Kelly get an insider’s view of the Sandycove Martello Tower – the Omphalos of Dublin itself! Maggie Fitzgerald, James Holohan and Andrew Basquille give Blooms & Barnacles a tour of all the museum’s nooks and crannies. Discussions include the Joycean historical items on display in the museum, the history of the tower, what really went down the night Joyce stormed out of the museum, how to get a milk can up a ladder, the work of maintaining a Joycean landmark, an original song by Andrew, and why exactly a museum in Dublin is flying the Munster flag.

A special thanks to Michael Steen.


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Joyce Ulysses Sandycove Martello tower
The upper chamber of the tower

Visit Sandycove!

James Joyce Tower & Museum

Fitzgerald’s of Sandycove – cosy pub with Ulysses-themed stained glass and the world’s largest Finnegans Wake reading club

Andrew, Kelly, Dermot and James at Fitzgerald’s



Dermot and Kelly atop the Martello Tower
James Joyce, Ulysses, Sandycove Martello Tower
The gates of theForty Foot bathing area in Sandycove

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Sandycove stairs
Tramping up the stairs in the Sandycove Martello tower.



James Joyce Ulysses Buck Mulligan
Buck Mulligan parodies the Catholic Mass atop the Martello tower in Sandycove.

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